Based in Prague | Remote
I am a Frontend developer with expertise in building React apps.
Over the last years, I have gained experience from various projects and help companies in different fields. Here are a few tools that I use daily to craft my work.
Previous Work
A showcase of a few projects that I was engaged with in the past.
Gigworker is a platform which aggregates hundred of gigs and side hustles.
Ruby on rails
The joined the project as frontend lead where I managed a small frontend team while I was in Asia. We worked in a distributed team, where I was in Ho Chi Minh City, the rest of the development was in Czech and the Product owner was in US. Due to the timezone difference, we put a lot on communication within the team and code-reviews.
Mews navigator
The all-in-one virtual concierge web app and it is being used by 1000+ hoteliers all around the world.
Test cafe
Navigator is the React web app that allows you to make your check-in online for your reservation in the hotel.I think my biggest achievement was that we rewrote the Navigator to React from scratch, over time I grew to Navigator tech lead, where we worked in a cross-functional team alongside product managers, frontend/backend developers, designers, and QA.
Opensource and sideproject
Feel free to checkout my github account.
React micro animations library
React-useanimations is a collection of free animated open source icons for ReactJS. We made more than 60 animations and they are all ready to be used right away with a single import. Nowadays we have more than 450 stars and over 7k downloads.
One click color generator with real time preview
Pandacolors online web tool for generating colors with a single click in different templates. This is a tool build for coders and designers. Over the time have more than 1k registered users and we finished as #3 Product of the Day on producthunt.
About me
Sooo, who is Tuan anyway and what does he do?
I am Tuan, a frontend developer with 4 years of working experience in React and Javascript who was born and raised in Prague, Czech.
As my daily routines are developing new features and maintaining the codebase, leading a cross-functional team from a technical perspective and doing code reviews.
Apart from development, I have experience with working in scrum, leading smaller frontend teams, participating in interviews and mentoring newcomers and communicating with clients with their ideas.
Some of the companies that I have worked with in the past.
Some of my blogs that I write in my free time.
Understanding Generators in ES6 Javascript
So Generators looks like a normal function, but it allows us to pause the execution of the function and continue it later.
Tuan Phung on May 14th 2019
Canceling promises with Generators in ES6 Javascript
Many of you asked for a real-life use case of generators so I'm going to show one of the problems that I have encountered.
Tuan Phung on May 20th 2019